Stained Glass Patterns

Jane Burden Morris Watercolor


Arches watercolor block, hot pressed, 18"x24"
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Liner brush, size 8 (you'll need a variety of liner brushes, size 2 and up)
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Your pattern:

The orginal photograph for reference:

  • PRINT using this convenient online printer/resizer.
  • Fasten paper together with transparent tape.
  • Cut up into glass pieces (I removed some of them in my painting)
  • Trace the outlines of these pieces on the watercolor paper with a pencil.
  • Paint them as wide as lead lines using BLACK ACRYLIC paint. You need to use acrylic because we are going from dark to light and we don't want the black to bleed. Acrylic won't bleed, it CURES into the paper.

    STEP 2:
    Cut up the details in each piece of paper representing a piece of glass, trace with pencil on the watercolor paper. Expect this to take quite a bit of time, it's a day's work.

    STEP 3:
    Paint over the pencil lines with black acrylic. You can start light, and pass over a second time to darker until black. Be patient! This also takes quite a bit of time.

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