Stained Glass Patterns

Jane Burden Morris
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jane burden morris

Jane Burden Morris married William Morris (a decorative artist and stained glass craftsman) out of convenience, but after bearing him two daughters, her romantic interests became increasingly pulled by one of William Morris' best friends, pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who was quite obsessed with her, and painted her on many famous canvases. William Morris, a socialist and believer in the rights of women, rented a house (Klemscott Manor) to allow her to live with her lover Rossetti, though breaking his own heart in the process. Twice he exiled himself in Iceland waiting for the affair to end. It took about a decade for this to happen, when Rossetti, perhaps under the spell of laudanum, became paranoid, and Jane distanced herself from him. This stained glass painting features William Morris' famous victorian wallpapers, samples of Rossetti's love letters to Jane, and Jane herself from a photograph that Rossetti commissionned.

Music-of-the-Spheres Wind Chimes

stained glass patterns